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Our Projects

Fairview Estate: Website Redesign


In the heart of Kenya’s Central Highlands, home to the world’s finest coffee, lies Fairview Coffee Estate. This beautiful coffee farm with nearly 100 acres under coffee is situated 1,750 meters above sea level. The farm is irrigated by the Riara River that is in turn fed by streams from the Kenyan Highlands. Since the early 1900’s, Fairview Estate’s fertile soils have produced high quality coffee through the use of holistic production methods that take our customers concerns for a healthy environment seriously

Our Role

  • Redesign the website and make it intuitive and user friendly to users accessing the website.
  • Have a booking portal for guests who will be interested with the coffee tours.
  • A website that is responsive and mobile friendly

Services deployed

Visual Design, Motion Graphics, WordPress CMS, Third-party Integrations, GDPR Compliance, SEO, Ongoing Maintenance.